According to Construction Executive, the construction industry has the highest total of suicides in the U.S. by industry. The suicides for construction workers shows a rate of 53.3 per 100,000 people, which is four times higher than the national average. Lendlease, a multinational construction company is renewing a commitment to confronting the issue by building on its work with the Global Mental Health Peer Group which was created in 2014 while also partnering with a wide array of mental health organizations.

In addition to these global initiatives, Lendlease Americas has joined the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention, as well as established a pilot program with Living Works, a suicide prevention organization, to raise awareness of suicide within the organization and with its subcontractors on its sites. Lendlease also had more than 10 percent of its employees trained in the world-renowned Mental Health First Aid program.

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