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This White Paper, commissioned by Progressive Solutions, warns that dealers who have not embraced the Internet and all its delivery points—PCs, laptops, smart phones, wireless tablets, PDAs, and e-books—are in danger of losing their customer base.

Your customers all have access to the Internet and are eager to do business over the Web. Are you ready?

Excerpt from the white paper:

In the late 1990s many construction supply dealers led the Internet charge by creating Web sites and signing up for e-mail accounts. The buzz at a ProSales Dealers Conference at that time was, “If you [dealers] are not exchanging transactions electronically with your customers you will not be in business next year.” Well, that didn’t happen and the Internet bubble popped. But at that time, dealers and customers began exchanging information via e-mail.

This same group of dealers that had initiated Web sites and the use of e-mail early on were probably the first dealers to purchase and install fax machines prior to the 90s. But the Internet has trumped the fax machine as the preferred way for dealers to communicate with their customers. Today, almost everybody is connected to the Internet.