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This White Paper, commissioned by Norbord, Inc., outlines the many benefits of TallWall OSB sheathing panels. They reduce air infiltration, increase wall strength, are certified Green Approved by the NAHB Research Center, need no special tools for installation, and cut down on both labor costs and callbacks.

Excerpt from the white paper:

If the current housing economy has exposed anything, it is that home builders need creative and cost-effective solutions to survive and succeed. And they are turning to their local pro-focused lumber and building materials dealer for answers.

That’s because they know that smart suppliers are constantly on the lookout for products that enable them to reduce costs for materials, labor, and service callbacks.

Finding such cost efficiencies is especially effective on big-ticket orders such as lumber and structural panels, where even a little per-unit cost difference can add up to big savings on a purchase order, and even more so if that solution saves labor costs and delivers superior long-term, hassle-free performance.