Alan was an excellent salesman for Precision Projects. I met him on the Smith jobsite, a residential project that we were supplying millwork for. Alan was pitching his firm's interior design services to the homeowners.

I watched in awe as Alan walked the Smiths through their house, his arms flailing as he explained future trim details, his eyes lighting up at the mention of paint choices, his voice cracking with excitement as he described his tile selections for the master bath.

Five minutes into it I could tell he had the job. He was just that good.

He completed some conceptual drawings for the finish details and sent them to the contractor on the job, who in turn forwarded them to us.

They were magnificent.

Alan had a knack for taking very conventional areas and making them special; the project was dripping with wonderful touches and special features. I was so impressed by Alan's work I approached him about his other projects.

“Well,” Alan said, “I am looking for some good suppliers for a few things.”

Great! I immediately quoted some material for him with aggressive pricing and hoped that we would soon be a part of Alan's Very Special Projects.

Just about the time Alan brought us into some other jobs, we started shipping millwork to the Smiths' house. It wasn't long before the phone calls started.

“Are you sure this is the right trim?” the contractor asked me.