A Chicago-area Teamsters Union local and executives from ProBuild will meet with a federal mediator on Sept. 15 for the second time since the Teamsters went on strike a month and a half ago at two ProBuild facilities.

Roughly 50 to 60 Teamsters, most of them drivers, walked out July 28 from ProBuild 's Yorkville and Wheaton, Ill., yards in a dispute over the LBM giant's next contract with the local. The two sides disagree over health insurance, pay protections, seniority rights, and working conditions. ProBuild also is seeking a 5% pay cut from the Teamsters.

Roger Kohler, secretary-treasurer and principal officer of Teamsters Local 673, told ProSales today that the Sept. 15 session will have the same format as did the last meeting on Aug. 24. The format calls for officials from the Teamsters and ProBuild to sit in separate rooms with the mediator shuttling between them.

The Teamsters also have complainted to the National Labor Relations Board regarding claims of unfair labor practices by ProBuild.

Throughout the strike, ProBuild has stressed that service levels remain high at the two yards affected and that a good part of the labor dispute involves its efforts to treat the Teamsters more like ProBuild employees nationwide.