Fashionable Comments

November's ""clothes make the man"" column by Rick Davis garnered numerous comments on how to dress for success. Here are some letters.

As a contractor sales representative, I never tried to dress like my customers. Throughout my sales career, whether in building materials or lube oil sales back in Texas, I have tried to project a professional appearance that set me apart from not only my customers, but my competition as well. –Robert Ullrich, Dealer Sales Representative, Hawkeye Building Distributors, Rock Island, Ill.

Rick Davis
Rick Davis

Each day I come to work wearing jeans, a button-down shirt (with our logo and my name on it), and a cap (usually a trade organization's cap). I do it for two reasons, the first being it's comfortable. The second is that I'm afraid in our rural area that if I dressed upscale I would be projecting an image of superiority or one of a man who wouldn't get his hands dirty. Our store is small enough and I'm aggressive enough that I'll still load customers when at the store. –Jimmy Jones, Manager, Auldridge Building Center, Goldthwaite, Texas

How you present yourself to customers, especially in their environment, is a sign or respect for the customer and a sign that you are a professional. To do otherwise seriously reduces your chances of success. –Rich Kessler, Sales Manager, Simpson Strong-Tie, McKinney, Texas