Three years ago, Kimal Lumber opened a new yard in Sarasota, Fla. Initially, few people knew what the warehouse was, and Kimal needed a way to draw more attention to the site. Their solution? Kimal Kate.

First painted by a muralist on the side of the warehouse, Kate, a young woman clad in construction gear, now has become a central figure in Kimal Lumber's marketing campaign.

Kate “symbolizes the growing presence of women in the industry” says the company.

Kate's likeness appears on a physical display near the front counter at all three of Kimal's locations. She also has her own page called “In-the-Know” on Kimal’s website that advertises the company’s raffle of the month, tip of the month, and product of the month.

The firm says that since Kate's official launch in July 2016, 643 new email addresses have been added to the company's mailing list. The e-newsletter has improved to a 30% open rate and a 50% click rate.

“They’re really making this part of the brand,” said one of this year's ProSales Excellence Awards judges. “I thought it was special—one of the most exciting projects.”