GiveMePower Corp. The PowerCAD SiteMaster 2 laser-based building surveying and information management software now can run on NEC Solutions America's Panel-i 6 mobile and wireless computing terminal, which connects to back-office systems. Users can create, edit, or validate AutoCAD-compatible floor plans, inspection drawings, and area calculations using a handheld laser and the rugged Panel-i 6's touchscreen interface. 888.977.6937. DEACOM. Developed for the building component industry, the Deacom System now integrates engineering software into its accounting and enterprise resource system, allowing the manufacturing software to be the main point of control for all aspects of a job. The software creates the directory structures and launches multiple design systems directly from a quote or sales order. Schedules can be controlled from the single system. 610.971.2278.

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions & Accelitec. To provide a contact-less transaction system for faster and more secure and convenient payment methods, Accelitec's PayPilot suite is integrated into Fujitsu's GlobalStore POS application and Pervasive Retailing Framework?a set of software, tools, and services that enable real-time retailing interoperability. Merchants can take control of and lower transaction fees and implement customized programs for customers. Private-label, RFID-embedded cards or key fobs can be associated with various secure forms of payment. 972.963.2300.

Activant Solutions. Professional Estimating Software and Service for LBM dealers integrates with Activant's Falcon and Eagle systems, as well as other business management systems, to automate the process of generating blueprint takeoffs. Dealers can generate accurate material estimates easily, and the software can reduce estimating time by 50% to 70%, the company says. Integration with Falcon and Eagle allows Professional Estimating Software to employ the dealer's existing database of SKUs, item numbers, descriptions, and price structures. 888.463.4700.

Project-a-Phone. Project-a-Phone displays and projects images from a mobile phone onto a PC monitor or other screen. The system clamps onto phones and handheld devices, holding them steady and providing easy access to controls. The system also can be used to record video and audio or to take screen shots. 978.405.0141.

Infor. New features and enhancements for Infor ERP SX.enterprise version 5.1 include Consolidated Invoicing, which saves costs through reduced paperwork, transaction processing, mailing costs, and simplified cash applications, and Enhanced Job Management applications, which simplify workflow and improve usability. Verisign Payflow Pro simplifies implementation of Internet credit card processing. 800.260.2640.

DPL America. The Titan Equipment Monitoring System allows managers to remotely monitor and track off-road equipment via an Internet-based software package and a covertly installed hardware unit. Automatic and on-demand location updates, remote starter-disable capabilities, real-time updates of on/off/in-transit status, hour meter reporting, and other details decrease costs and the risk of equipment theft. 800.897.8093.

Hyphen Solutions. Developed to automate the order-to-delivery process and eliminate manual entry of business data, SupplyPro Connect takes information found in SupplyPro software transactions and makes the data available for electronic input into back-office systems. SupplyProConnect helps suppliers and builders improve accuracy and security of information, and provides greater visibility and control of supply chain processes. 800.862.8453.