2015 ProSales 100

Steady As She Goes

Except for a few categories, most dealers appear satisfied with their current portfolio of component manufacturing activities and contractor services. Among the possible expansions: wall panels and pre-built stairs on the component side, and training programs and whole-house design and engineering among the service offerings.

Finally Spending?

Last year, 30% of the PS100 members had IT budgets that amounted to less than one-quarter of one percent of their sales. This year, only 16% do. Meanwhile, the share of dealers planning to spend between a quarter and a half-point of revenues on IT climbed to 37% from 28%. Tech company sales reps say there’s been a notable pickup in business over the past year, and given all the plans by dealers to upgrade old systems and add new capabilities like CRM, it’s now easy to see why.

Installed Sales Operations