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Never better. Ever better.

Take your pick from these two ways to describe the 2018 ProSales 100 and either will apply. The group’s $55.85 billion in collective revenues in 2017 is unprecedented in the list’s 26-year history, even after adjusting for inflation. And yet, even with that accomplishment, one gets the sense that America’s biggest pro-oriented dealers have set themselves up to climb to even higher levels in the years to come

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Check out these newcomers to the list:
* Bridgewell Resources, Tigard, Ore. (#31)
* Building Component Supply, Jacksonville, Fla. (#89)
* Parks Building Supply, Fayetteville, N.C. (#99)

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* ProSales 100 companies' total sales, 2002-2016
* Top 10 dealers sorted by type of firm
* Top firms ranked by sales per employee and sales per facility
* Top firms ranked by year-over-year change in sales per employee
* Top firms ranked by employee count increases/decreases and workforce percentage increases/decreases
* How dealer groups compare when organized by type and by collective sales
* How rises and falls in housing starts relate to the PS100's sales performance
* IT spending and spending plans
* Component manufacturing activities
* Products sold most often by PS100 members, and what's in their showrooms

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