The ProSales 100 is a list of the nation’s top professional-oriented lumber and building material dealers ranked by the dollar value of their sales to pros. It is based on the results of the 2012 ProSales 100 survey. The vast majority of the survey’s data was submitted by dealers this spring via an online poll created and managed by the Farnsworth Group of Indianapolis, or through e-mailed responses from business owners themselves.

For virtually all dealers, the report is based on what the participating companies told us. The only major exception is Allied Building Products, whose figures are taken from the annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission filed by its parent company, CRH. In a few cases we have supplemented dealers’ incomplete reports with information taken from their websites. No estimates were made of sales, facilities, or personnel. Any sections where a company was unwilling to provide specific information was marked in the Top 100 table as n/a, or not available.

Not all dealers answered every question, so the percentages shown in the tables and charts that appear throughout this report are based on the number of dealers responding to that particular question.

The survey and its contents cover full-line lumberyards, lumberyards with manufacturing capabilities, and specialty dealers that sell various building materials. Dealers in the survey had to have at least one-third of their sales come from professional customers, including homebuilders, commercial builders, remodelers, and other professional contractors. The only dealer on the list that took in less than 50% of its revenues from pros was Stine Lumber, at 38%. But Stine’s $54.7 million in sales to pros still was large enough to place Stine on this year’s rankings.

If your firm would like to be considered for inclusion in next year’s survey, please contact assistant editor Brendan Rimetz at [email protected]or 202.729.3589, or editor Craig Webb at [email protected] or 202.736.3307.