Chart showing component manufacturing activities of the 2018 ProSales 100
ProSales 100 research

The ProSales 100 for years has split between companies that simply sell products and those that provide additional services like installed sales and component manufacturing. That split continues this year, with 61 PS100 members reporting they install stuff and 59 saying they manufacture components. We looked at installation activities in an earlier preview. This time, we'll look at the manufacturing side.

Pre-hung doors are the most popular offering on the components side. That’s followed in order by roof and floor trusses, wall panels, pre-built stairs, custom moldings, windows, countertops, and assembled railings. All these categories are slated to grow, with wall panels leading the way. Only 22 make wall panels now, but 13 dealers said they expect to start.

We now expect to publish who's on the list around May 11. Stay tuned.