Chart showing products sold at PS100 operations
ProSales 100 research

For all the talk about lumberyards and specialty dealers, the product mix for some goods is more consistent than you might think. The 2018 ProSales 100 shows why.

Walk into nine out of 10 ProSales 100 stores on this year's list and you can expect to see lumber (dimensional, treated, and engineered), doors, and housewrap. A vast majority also sell windows, molding, millwork, decking, railing, adhesives, caulks, and sealants.

Only further down can you see dealers’ specialties showing through. Three out of five dealers sell countertops or metal studs. Just under half sell concrete block; a third sell lighting; and one out of four offer hardscaping.

Chart showing what's displayed in PS100 showrooms
ProSales 100 research

Of the 93 companies that responded to a question about showrooms, 85% said they had a place to display products. Windows and doors were the most frequent goods on display, appearing in 84% of the dealers with showrooms of any type. Next came decking and railing as well as interior millwork, both viewable in 73% of the dealers. After that came siding and exterior trim (65%), kitchens and/or kitchen cabinetry (60%), roofing (53%), bathroom items (45%), flooring of all types (38%), closet systems (20%), and hearths and stoves (16%).

Just under a quarter of dealers who reported having showrooms said at least one of those spaces was in a stand-alone building.

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