With the launch of its new website in April, Drexel Building Supply’s goal was to make the site a useful tool for both contractors and their clients.

“We wanted it to be an extension of our services so our pros can utilize and reference the site with their clients,” says Stacey Stoffel, team culture, customer relations, and branding team leader for the Cambellsport, Wis.–based dealer.

The website looks different from those of most lumberyards, yet not exactly like one for a consumer-oriented business. For example, almost every page features a Shop at Home form, which Drexel responds to within 48 hours. The form is particularly well-used for flooring and window treatments.

The Idea Gallery offers views of projects featuring Drexel products and lets site users upload the images to Pinterest and Houzz. “We find that our customers respond to pictures versus paragraphs of [written] content,” Stoffel says.

Website traffic has jumped 40% over a 12-month period. Visitors stay on the website longer and the contact options bring leads to locations, Stoffel says.

—Diane Kittower is a freelance writer/editor in Maryland.