ProSales cover January-February 2018

ProSales announced today that Wilson Lumber, based in Huntsville, Ala., has been selected as Dealer of the Year for 2018.

The ProSales Dealer of the Year award honors outstanding achievements in construction supply operations, management, and innovations, as well as meritorious service to the dealer’s community and to the lumber and building material industry. Only one construction supply dealer is chosen per year out of roughly 7,500 nationwide. This is the 26th year the prize has been awarded. As winner, Wilson Lumber is featured in the cover story in the ProSales January/February issue and will be honored at several events in 2018, including the ProSales 100 Conference.

“As one would expect in a place where the space program has earned Huntsville the nickname ‘Rocket City,’ Wilson Lumber has taken off this decade in a spectacular way,” ProSales editor-in-chief Craig Webb said. "It has grown dramatically in just the past two years, nearing $50 million in sales in 2017. But what truly makes Wilson notable is how it is engaging in so many best practices at once. Building on a bedrock culture that has stayed solid for decades, Robb Wilson and his team are deep into a series of operational improvements that will propel the company for years to come.”

All at once, Wilson Lumber is:

  • Revamping its millwork and truss operations under the leadership of an in-house director of continuous improvement.
  • Refreshing its branding and website.
  • Revamping its warehouses, storefront, and fleet.
  • Expanding commercial sales hundreds of miles beyond Huntsville.
  • Dramatically upgrading its IT system.

It’s also reorganizing its leadership structure so Robb Wilson, the company’s president, can focus on the future. “I don’t think we do anything that’s particularly unique,” he says with typical modesty. “But we have 150 people who are fanatical about doing the right thing.”

Wilson is one of the smallest operations to be named Dealer of the Year since 2000. It consists of just one showroom, a millwork shop and a truss plant.

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