Joey Enochson
Joey Enochson

Joey Enochson entered the LBM industry in 2005, at the age of 20, in the midst of an incredible boom in the housing industry. He joined Franklin Building Supply, working at its truss plant, and saw opportunities open quickly for career advancement and development. Within his first few years at the company, Enochson worked at FBS’s flooring operation as a warehouse lead and also in an office position for ordering and invoicing.

In 2008, Enochson was tasked with starting up an in-housed granite fabrication shop for FBS. After assembling a team and working through early struggles, the granite fabrication shop has expanded from doing 1-2 installs a week to 3-4 installs on a daily basis. Once the granite shop was established, Enochson moved back into the FBS floor covering and design center to serve as an office manager, teaching him valuable lessons on the management side of the business.

Enochson’s flexibility and willingness to accept new challenges was on further display when he was offered an opportunity in the FBS accounting department. After a couple years, he took over as the company’s credit manager, overseeing about $40 million in sales revenue in receivables. The experience in the accounting department pushed Enochson to pursue and complete his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management to continue his desire to become a manager at the highest possible level.

In 2015, Enochson became a yard manager for FBS, managing around 40 team members and producing about $30 million in delivery revenue for the company. Through his success in this role, Enochson was offered the position of director of operations for the design and finish side of the business at FBS. Rick Lierz, CEO of Franklin Building Supply, described Enochson as the CEO of four related departments (cabinets, granite, flooring, and design) with a combined sales revenue of approximately $15 million and said he was chosen for the position “because of his outstanding leadership and communication abilities, proven over the years and in many different roles.”

“Joey is able to make tough decisions for the good of the whole, and he communicates well along the way,” Lierz said. “People who work for him appreciate his leadership in their lives. Peers look to him as an example of how to manage and lead.”

Joey Enochson will participate in a virtual panel discussion with the other Four Under 40 winners from 2:15-2:45 pm EST on February 24 at the 2021 ProSales Conference. For more information about the virtual event and to register, visit