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  • They're slippery, they tear, and they're expensive.

  • Concrete and clay tile roofing have long been favorites in the Sunbelt region for their energy-efficient qualities and aesthetics.

  • While the background of each showroom manager is as unique as his or her showroom, it's common for managers to use past experiences to flesh out the feel of the store, balancing the technical building demands of a lumberyard with the design focus of a showroom.

  • Jessica Williamson, a designer with National Lumber's Kitchen Views Custom showroom in Newton, Mass., won second place in the Best Small Kitchens category at the National Kitchen and Bath Association's 2010 Design Competition. The strength of the Cape Cod project lies in Williamson's ability to merge a client's style with the efficient functionality needed in a kitchen.

  • The Jackson Kitchen Designs showroom in North Andover, Mass., measures 3,000 square feet, but an innovative storage system allows the staff to show more products than would usually fit in that amount of space.

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