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  • The senators and representatives we talk to care deeply about the U.S. and how their decisions affect businesses back home. Many of them also know a thing or two about your company, even though you may not know it.

  • When it comes to excellence, your people are the difference.

  • Thinking of NLBMDA's 90th anniversary it is natural to focus on themes that link past and present. Many are obvious, while others are less immediately apparent but no less significant. These tangible and intangible qualities bolster us as we continue to build a 21st-century association that is ready to meet our future challenges .

  • Depending on how a crackdown on illegal immigration takes place, the resulting labor shortages could have the potential to cause delays and add to the cost of new homes.

  • As part of the many initiatives developed by the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association this year, one of the most significant is the creation of the Lumber and Building Materials Institute.

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