Mike Butts

A well-known industry consultant, Mike Butts wrote ProSales’ “New Dimensions” column for several years and has worked with industry leaders in the installed sales arena. Contact him

Mike Butts's Posts

  • While visiting one of our locations last month, the market manager, an outside sales rep, and I went out for lunch.

  • Sometimes, it can take something as simple as a seatmate on a long plane flight to help you discover you're a lot smarter than you thought.

  • Now is the time to revive your management training and mentoring programs.

  • Managing profit margins is a key component to selling smart. That, in turn, requires you to understand the financial structure of your business. Some margins you might offer are too low to sustain business, while other margins are so high you'll never make a sale. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you want margins to be just right.

  • In traveling around the country and observing not only Stock Building Supply but other LBM operations, I can't help but offer a "welcome back" to the true sales professional.

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