Jeffrey Lee

Jeffrey Lee is senior director of content development for Building Forward at Hanley Wood. He has previously served as an editor for Architect, Eco-Structure, Architectural Lighting, and other publications.

Jeffrey Lee's Posts

  • Among all of the lighting options available on the market, lighting designer Gary Gordon says there is one that professional builders should dismiss entirely from their repertoire. "There's no reason anyone should be using the standard household incandescent bulb anymore," says the principal of New York?based Gary Gordon Lighting. "It's far too energy-inefficient to be used anywhere."

  • I recently had the opportunity to join 20 building pros in York, Pa., at the National Association of Home Builders' training program, Green Building for Building Professionals. Throughout the program, instructor Bill Asdal, owner of Chester, N.J.-based Asdal Builders, repeatedly told attendees that many building professionals already employ at least some green basic construction techniques.

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