Gary Farber

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  • There are infinite ways to gain new business. We took two new paths last year at Gordon Lumber--one analytical, one human--and as a result pushed our sales up 21%. Here's how we did it, starting with the analytical approach.

  • During his years leading operations at Florida's Dunn Lumber, Gary Farber learned his company couldn't move from good to great until it changed its culture. Here's what he did.

  • In part 2 of his three-part series, Gary Farber describes how he helped Dunn Lumber improve its operations, but then concluded it wouldn't reach the next level until it changed its corporate culture.

  • What often separates the good from the great lumberyards? Much of the time, Gary Farber argues, it's the culture. In this three-part series, the former Dunn Lumber exec explains why culture matters and how to build it at your yard.

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