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  • A lot of "good ol' boys" do business with Brown Lumber and Building Supply, says Andrew Brown of his family's business in Columbiana, a central Alabama town of 5,000 that's the seat of Shelby County. Most have been around more than 30 years; some were friends of his grandfather, the second Andrew Brown. Now a year out of Auburn University, this fourth Andrew Brown is getting on-the-job schooling. Here's what he knows:

  • 2007 Excellence Awards: Facility Design

    168,000 square feet has rarely looked so good or worked so well as it does at the Lumber Yard's York, Pa., facility. Regional vice president Mike O'Brien couldn't agree more.

  • 2007 Excellence Awards Honorable Mention: Advertising

    Jack O'Trade--christened by a JAY-K employee--was life size and dressed in contractor duds, leading some citizens to think he was a live human being perhaps stranded on the billboards. Jack first appeared in late December 2005, and soon after, Dean Kelly, owner and president of JAY-K, got a phone call "saying there is a guy still working on the billboard.

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