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Lee is a consultant and sales trainer to building supply business owners and managers. Visit or dial 803.303.8366

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  • One of my newsletter subscribers sent me a customer service measurement I believe has a lot of merit. He picked up the measurement when visiting a non-competing company. It is called "On Time and In Full." In other words, what percentage of your total deliveries arrive at the customer location on time and complete with no backorders?

  • "All customers deserve to be treated fairly and ethically, but all customers don't merit the same amount of your time" writes Bill Lee. He suggests breaking down customers into groups, so you know who to focus on and what kind of attention to give them.

  • It's easy for salespeople to become discouraged in a stinking housing market that drags on and on, but this is the time of year when whatever positive is going to happen finally begins to happen. It's the time of year to "set the hook" and begin to reap the benefits of all of the work you have done with your prospects over the winter months.

  • Family businesses many times include not just family members, but the spouses of family members, as well. And should any of the family members who are stockholders pass away or should their marriages fail, the old clich�, "All is fair in love and war" can sometimes hit too close to home for comfort. So what can a family business do to raise the odds that the family business stays in the family?

  • Bill Lee might be known for his speeches and written columns, but that doesn't mean he ignores social media. In this column, Lee gives numerous examples he's learned of dealers who have used services like Facebook and Twitter to boost their businesses.

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