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    Dealers say there's an active market in seeking out other dealers' sales reps. But there's etiquette to be followed in pursuing those people.

  • Just as a manager has his inventory positioned to take advantage of changing times, the entire business entity should be in a position to take advantage of market conditions, Bill Hofius says. And while it may not seem that way now, there are companies out there with sufficient capital to invest in this embattled building supply business environment. They will also have the opportunity to exercise restraint, expending just enough capital and energy to make the buy. Here are some questions that should help you know where the value lies.

  • "Women and children first" might be the right plan to follow when a cruise ship is sinking, but it's definitely inappropriate when you're trying to save your lumberyard. Those who need help will benefit from those who are alive, coherent, and able to help. Here are three tips to help your lumberyard surive.

  • It's never too late for a veteran salesperson to learn something new.

  • Sometimes selling is more about asking the right questions than knowing all the answers.

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