Bill Hayward

Bill is CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of Hayward Lumber, a 100-year-old California lumber and building material supplier. To accelerate the industry's commitment to sustainable forestry, he chaired the board of the Forest Stewardship Council US from 2005-2010. Inspired by a horrific personal experience in an unhealthy home in 2009, he developed the Hayward Healthy Home Principles and founded the Hayward Score to educate and empower consumers to live in and demand healthier homes. Having scored over 80,000 homes, his team has developed the largest study available correlating self-reported symptoms with housing characteristics and occupant habits. His goal is to demonstrate the business case for all dwellings to be healthy, durable and energy efficient.

Bill Hayward's Posts

  • Bill Hayward's new venture, Hayward Healthy Home, is partly a consultancy promoting indoor air quality that uses his own house as the showroom.

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  • The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) will conduct a series of interviews with various members and experts in the coming months. The first is with Bill Hayward, president, CEO, and chief sustainability officer of Hayward Lumber in Monterey, Calif. Hayward discussed green building and the impact dealers can have on this important initiative.

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