Bendix Anderson

Bendix Anderson is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Bendix Anderson's Posts

  • It takes patience and a willingness to deal with red tape, but in time the payments may be worth it.

  • A few years ago, Deb Kearse became interested in new ways to add insulation to homes. Kearse is vice president of sales for Kohl Building Products, based in Reading, Pa. As oil prices spiked and green building ideas spread, she embraced the idea of adding insulation outside of the wall cavity--making room in her stores for sheets of exterior insulation or insulated siding with exterior insulation built into each panel.

  • 2010 Excellence Awards: Advertising

    Advertising can't change minds," says Josh Kaye, marketing director at American Lumber. "Instead we asked, 'What truth about American Lumber do customers most need to hear?'" The result was a slogan that says a lot about American Lumber in just five words: We Want Your Small Orders.

  • Get ready. A new generation of homebuyers is just reaching adulthood.

  • Increasingly, a home is a woman's castle: Today's homebuyer is more likely than ever before to be single and female.

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