In 1884, painter Georges Seurat started working on his opus A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. To create the iconic work, which took him two years to complete, Seurat painted thousands of individual dots in multiple colors. This painting technique is called pointillism.

The Creation of an AvantGuard Door

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Click through this slideshow, courtesy of Masonite, to learn how Masonite manufactures its wooden door facsimiles.

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Now, more than a century later, pointillism is being applied to LBM. Masonite’s AvantGuard doors are a line of fiberglass doors that replicate the look of rare or exotic wood and are painted using thousands of tiny dots in one of five colors to create the wood design on the doors. The doors offer homeowners the look of luxury at an affordable cost, an AvantGuard door costs about two-thirds of what a real exotic wood door costs, while minimizing the number of exotic trees harvested to create doors.

The company offers its AvantGuard doors in Cherry, Spanish Cedar, and Black Walnut. This year, it installed a new printer that the company says will enhance the quality of the print. To see how Masonite creates its doors, click through the slideshow above.