When it comes to hearing protection, fit is the most important factor. The earplugs you give your workers might not fit each person correctly. If you supply workers with earmuffs, their safety glasses might be preventing the earmuffs from sealing completely around the ear. You want to make sure that your workers are protected, which could mean choosing one or two styles for your workers to use and teaching them all how to properly use the equipment.

Construction job sites can be demanding, and trying to fit all of your PPE together comfortably is a challenge. When you have a hardhat, safety glasses, a respirator and then hearing protection on top of that, using earplugs rather than an earmuff may be a more comfortable choice. In dirty, dusty environments, a push-to-fit style of earplug can reduce the chance of transferring a contaminant into your ear canal because it features a stem that you can grab onto rather than touching the foam tip itself.

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