A remodeling and custom home building company I know has a crafty and simple way of helping valued prospective clients and potential architect partners appreciate their company.

The company isn’t huge. The owners realized that two of the best things about the company are the employees and the company’s use of technology to manage all aspects of the process.

These are aspects of many companies that prospective clients and architect partners might not experience until after having decided whether or not to work with the company.

This company determined that it should showcase these two assets early in the interactions with someone considering working with the company.

When either of the two owner/salespeople has made an appointment to bring a potential client or architect partner to the company office, the other employees of the company are told the date and time of the appointment. Magically, as the visitor is being brought through the company’s offices the employees are at their respective desks, all using the technology that the company wants to showcase as part of its efforts to differentiate itself from its competition.

The potential clients or architect partner get to meet these key players. They get to see the tools the company would use when working with and for them.

Contrast this with the common practice of inviting a potential client or architect partner to a remodeling company’s office. Maybe another employee or two are around. Maybe not. Technology might be something the company is using rigorously. But the potential client or architect partner will likely only see the technology after having decided to sign up, not before.

Showcasing these two important aspects of the company—its employees and its use of technology—seems like an obvious thing to do. Do it by design and make that first visit much more compelling for those you are hoping to work with.