Lowe’s, the popular home improvement store, this week announced that they would be partnering up with Google to launch a smartphone app to help homeowners remodel their homes. Using Google’s 3-D smartphone platform Tango, Lowe’s plans on releasing their smartphone app “Vision” later this year. “Vision” will let clients visualize how new furniture and appliances will look in their home along with taking accurate measurements through augmented reality.

“Vision” is the latest virtual reality product from Lowe’s which previously launched “HoloRoom" allowing clients, through Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift headsets, to visualize customized bathrooms and kitchens. Fast Company spoke with Lowe’s Innovation Labs executive director Kyle Nel to get an inside look into what the company is doing in virtual reality technology.

As FastCompany reports:

"Lowe's Vision won’t be the chain’s last foray into virtual and augmented reality, which Nel says the company is committed to 'for the long haul.'

'We’re at this interesting time where we can build things that nobody would have expected a Lowe’s to build or be first in the world with,' he says. 'Because Lowe’s is Lowe’s, we have the opportunity to provide these technologies to everyone in a real-world setting.'"

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