Senco Products

The PowerPlus six-in-one rechargeable jump start system includes a jump starter, air compressor, power inverter, spotlight, fluorescent work light, and warning blinker light. The kit provides power for a variety of electrical equipment and can be used in emergencies or outdoor activities. The 12-volt, 17-amp-hour lead acid battery jump starter features reverse polarity and short circuit protection and a maximum 400A cranking current. 800.543. 4596.

DuPont Tyvek

Tyvek AtticWrap creates a continuous, airtight building envelope throughout a home's attic space, reducing air leakage and conserving energy, says the maker. AtticWrap features a reinforcing layer that makes it stronger and more tear-resistant than other Tyvek products. The sealed and vented wrap is breathable, allowing moisture to escape, but also locks out water and air. The product drapes over roofing rafters and is not anchored. 800.448.9835.

Royal Building Products

Colorscapes vinyl siding in dark, color-fast hues boasts a combination of technologies that provide UV resistance and anti-fade performance along with impact resistance under harsh weather conditions. The siding offers structural rigidity, a natural low-gloss wood-grain finish, a ¾-inch panel butt height for enhanced shadow lines and added rigidity, and a double-rolled nail hem. The panels withstand winds of up to 180 mph. 800. 387.2789.