Tesla's recently announced Solar Roof, combines solar panels and roof tiles into one, thus eliminating the need for unsightly solar panels. It seems like a great idea, but how much will it cost?

Consumer Reports (CR) decided to find out, Steve Hanley reports for Teslarati. They took into account the cost of clay tile roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, slate roofs, and a home's annual utility cost:

Assuming a typical roof size in the US of 3,000 square feet, [Consumer Reports] determined the average cost of a clay tile roof is $16,000, an asphalt shingle roof is $20,000 and a slate roof is $45,000.

CR then assumed the average annual utility bill for that typical home is $2,000. Multiplying that by the 30 year life span Tesla says customers can expect from their Solar Roof, that comes out to $60,000. Consumer Reports then backed out the $6,500 assumed cost of installing a Tesla Powerwall 2 from the projected cost of electricity and declared that a Tesla glass tile roof would have to cost no more than $73,500 in order to compete successfully with a normal asphalt shingle roof.

CR did not account for "what the costs of financing that amount immediately might amount to over that same 30 year period," nor did it consider the location of the home, or whether the family will need to pay for power from the grid if the solar roof does not supply them with enough energy. Hanley also says that installation and labor costs remain unknown, which could also add to the Solar Roof's total price.

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