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Remodelers place high value on the undamaged, defect-free, correct delivery of a product and are less concerned about whether it's available at their preferred dealer, a new survey for ProSales' sister publication Remodeling shows. The just-released 2015 edition of the Remodeling Brand Use Study also points out which brands in 54 product and three tool categories that remodelers regarded highest and used most often.

The study, conducted for Remodeling by The Farnsworth Group, polled nearly 1,000 professionals classified as remodelers, general contractors, or replacement contractors and asked them about their familiarity and opinions on various brands. The pros were asked to use a 10-point scale (10 being highest) to rate the importance of nine different factors that would influence their selection of a brand.

Respondents ranked product quality and performance tops, but gave their second-highest scores to whether the delivery was correct, defect-free, and undamaged. Availability at the preferred dealers, a solid manufacturer's warranty, and manufacturer's reputation all huddled in the middle of the rankings, while having the lowest price was clearly at the bottom.

Here are the high, average, and low scores for each factor:

Product quality and performance
Available at preferred dealer
Have experience with brand
Lowest price
Manufacturer's reputation
Quick delivery/short lead times
Solid manufacturer warranty
Ease of installation
Delivery is correct, defect-free, undamaged

For each product category, survey participants were asked four questions: Which brand (out of a list of names provided) are you most familiar with? Which have you used in the past two years? Which brand do you use most? And which brand in your opinion has the highest quality.

This file shows the results of those questions for all but the tools. For each, we've listed the percent of respondents who named the No. 1 choice in each of the four areas. We’ve also included the percentage point lead each top brand had over the second-place finisher to provide context for the numbers.

As for the three tool categories, here are the results:

No. 1% score% point lead
Tools--Electric and Cordless
Used in past 2 yearsDeWalt81.0%13.1
Used mostDeWalt41.7%28.6
Highest qualityFestool25.0%3.6
Tools--Measuring devices/Laser
FamiliarityDeWalt & Bosch (tie)76.2%0
Used in past 2 yearsBosch39.8%3.7
Used mostBosch24.1%2.6
Highest qualityBosch23.2%20
FamiliarityStanley-Bostitch and Porter-Cable (tie)83.0%0
Used in past 2 yearsPorter-Cable51.2%4.9
Used mostPorter-Cable25.3%5
Highest qualitySenco19.8%5