Weather has always posed a challenge for builders. But most scientists now agree that our climate is becoming more extreme with every decade. The National Wildlife Federation says more frequent droughts could pose a greater fire risk in years to come. Likewise, there’s extensive evidence that extreme weather—including hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes—is becoming more frequent. Smart manufacturers have taken these alarming trends to heart, developing and distributing products that resist the ever-worsening elements.

GP’s ToughRock Fireguard 45 Gypsum Board is meant for use in a 45-minute UL classified fire rating. The product is aimed at giving builders the ability to increase home fire resistance without upping the cost. As a 1/2-inch fire-rated wallboard, Fireguard can replace all standard and lightweight 1/2-inch walls, including 24-inch OC ceilings, without needing to change the wall assembly. 800.284.5347,

Integrity now offers California Fire Glass as an option for its Wood Ultrex and All Ultrex series windows and doors. The option includes a dual-coating configuration and meets 2016 Energy Star Northern Zone guidelines. Features of the California Fire Glass include dual-pane IG with annealed exterior, and tempered interior glazing, which meets fire code guidelines in California. 888.537.7828,

Grace’s Vycor is intended to be used as a housewrap alternative. The product is composed of a membrane that adheres to the sheathing, avoiding tears that Grace says may occur with traditional housewraps. When the membrane is adhered, the wall is protected from water damage and the jobsite looks clean, secure, and neat. Vycor. The membrane also adheres to itself, eliminating the need for taping. 877.423.6491,

Weyerhaeuser says its TrusJoist is the first I-joist to feature factoryapplied fire resistance. The joists are designed to meet fire code requirements in single-family homes without sprinklers or gypsum board, and are recommended for use in unfinished basements and other applications where an I-joist typically is used. 800-525-5440,

Hy-Lite’s Bath-Lite series now includes the company’s Storm-Lite protection. Certified for hurricane impact and cycle testing, the window has a design pressure rating of DP50, meaning that it’s designed to withstand winds up to 160 miles per hour. Though it’s part of the Bath Lite series, Hy-Lite deems the window suitable for bathroom, living room, and dining room settings. 888.256.2599,

Sto’s StoGuard is a fluid-applied weather barrier designed to replace sheet wraps. StoGuard can be sprayed on or else painted on with a roller. Because it is water-based, StoGuard has low VOCs and complies with U.S. EPA and South Coast AQMD emission standards for architectural coatings. No breathing apparatus is required during installation. 800.221.2397,