Not every material that goes into a house is as photo-friendly as a shiny new faucet or an elegantly designed glass wall, but these building blocks are just as—if not more—important to a home’s construction.

Laticrete’s Permacolor high-performance grout solution allows contractors to color-match almost any hue. Available in more than 80 colors, the Permacolor comes in two parts, a base powder and the color kit. This reduces the need for dozens of pallets in warehouses. Permacolor also offers stain resistance, inhibits mold and mildew, and requires no sealing. The grout can be used for interior or exterior applications.

Georgia Pacific’s new Forcefield Air and Water Barrier System is designed to keep water out of a building during construction. Constructed from engineered wood sheathing panels and laminated with an air and water barrier, Forcefield panels combine with Forcefield seam tape to create a barrier system that eliminates the need for housewrap. It’s available in 4x8, 4x9, and 4x10 sizes and comes with a two-year pre-installed warranty for the builder.

Huber Engineered Woods’ AdvanTech subfloor adhesive is a foam-to-gel polyurethane adhesive strong enough to cling to wet or frozen wood. Designed to eliminate movement between the panel and the joist, the adhesive helps keep floors quiet and prevents nails from popping. AdvanTech subfloor adhesive can be used on wood-to-wood assemblies, glued-floor systems, OSB, or plywood. The product is currently available in New England and New York.

CertainTeed’s Habito Drywall solution is a new, sturdier wallboard product that eliminates the need for wall anchors or fasteners for anything under 30 pounds. The 1/2-inch drywall uses a high-density formulation to provide better sound insulation and stronger impact resistance than traditional drywall. Ideal for media rooms, decor walls, and high-traffic areas, Habito can be offered as an upmarket option for builders and developers.

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