Delta Faucet's Touch2O showerhead. Photo courtesy of Delta Faucet.

Temperature Check

Universal design for the bathroom is moving beyond grab bars and low-clearance showers to technology that aims to smooth what can be a cumbersome experience for those taking care of small children and aging adults. Delta Faucet is adding to that repertoire with a new option available on a variety of its luxe showerheads, handshowers, and tub-showers beginning this spring. Temp2O features a thermal sensor to help users get a better read on their water’s temperature before stepping into a stream that may be too hot or too cold. The fixtures are fitted with a digital display that uses colored LED lights to indicate water temperature ranges—below 80 F in blue, 80 F to 100 F in magenta, and greater than 110 F in red. The sensor and display are battery-powered. –Hallie Busta

FoldFlat by NanaWall Systems. Photo courtesy of NanaWall Systems.

Flat Packed

Minimizing visual obstructions is just one challenge facing designers of applications that aim to seamlessly bridge indoor and outdoor living spaces. Among them are folding glass doors whose panels, when open fully, often stack up on one end of the wall and protrude into functional outdoor living space. NanaWall Systems is upgrading the operable glass wall with a new, angled track that allows the door panels to rest parallel to the wall when not in use. For use in spaces ranging from residential interiors to restaurants and bars, FoldFlat is currently available for the company’s WD65 wood and SL45 aluminum folding door systems. –Hallie Busta

Window films by Eastman. Photo by Lauren Hunter.

Get That on Film

If you’re looking to help your clients save energy, and possibly expand your service menu, check out the opportunities afforded by Eastman’s window film division. With products ranging from heat-blocking Low-E films, to frosted privacy solutions, to tough safety films that can protect against airborne debris, Eastman has a solution for just about any remodeling job. The low-E films can help lower a home’s cooling costs by as much as 40%, and shields 99% of ultraviolet rays! The company offers installation training for pros that want to take on the task themselves, or can point you to a partner in your area to bring that value to your clients. Live demonstrations at the show proved that a trained installer can apply a fi;m faster than you can say, “can someone close those blinds?” –Lauren Hunter

Ply Gem synthetic slate. Photo by Lauren Hunter.

Up on the Housetop

It was only a matter of time before Ply Gem hit the roof. The exterior products manufacturer is well known for its wide range of windows, siding, trim, stone, and other exterior products, but up to now the company’s product offering stopped at the roofline. Now the company caps off the house with synthetic slate available in four natural-looking colorways, named charcoal, brownstone, pewter, and sagebrush, all of which comprise 97% recycled material, including real reclaimed slate. The introduction not only brings Ply Gem into the roofing market, but hits on the trend of slate roofing we’ve seen from other companies in the market. –Lauren Hunter

Koma sliding doors. Photo by Lauren Hunter.

Wide Open

If you missed this gigantic sliding glass door at the Koma booth, you’ll get a chance to see it soon. The German company, Kommerling, is actually one of the world’s largest manufacturers of windows and doors, but up to know has not been seen in the States outside of its extruded PVC trim offering. Company representatives told us that by the end of the year, they’ll bring their PremiDoor 70 and PremiDoor 88 lift/slide doors and InnoNova 70 M5 slim-profile windows to the US, also with production in Huntsville. In the company’s IBS booth, the impressive door measured 19 feet wide and 8 feet tall, but even the 600-pound slider could be moved with a single finger. Specify sizes up to 20 feet wide and 10 feet high. –Lauren Hunter

Clarke Architectural's solid surface acrylic resin based baths. Photo courtesy of Clarke Architectural.

Affordable Elegance in the Bath

Most manufacturers position their solid cast acrylic bath lines as high-end specialty products with price points to match. Clarke Architectural’s stunning new line of solid surface acrylic resin based baths are affordable to a wider audience, says owner Don Clarke. They pair a natural stone-like finish with sculptural lines created by world-class architects such as Hariri and Hariri and Desai/Chia. –Jennifer Goodman

Natura Collection in the magnolia design from Antolini. Photo by Jennifer Goodman.

Natural Stone on Steroids

The Natura Collection from Antolini takes natural stone in a unique direction with patterns that evoke nature, the plant kingdom, and a wealth of exotic or native woods in elegant geometric, leaf and plant motif surface decorations that are perfect for floors or walls. The Italian manufacturer’s exclusive process etches patterns and colors onto the stone. –Jennifer Goodman