Zagg offers the Rugged Folio, which makes it easier to bring your iPad to the jobsite. The folio encases your tablet in shell-like layers of polycarbonate and silicone, protecting them from impact. Inside, the folio includes a backlit keyboard connected by magnetic hinges so you can flip the device open like a laptop. 800.700.9244

Klein Tools’ Journeyman series of gloves are specifically designed for tradesman who encounter cuts, scrapes, and vibration injuries on the job. The gloves are made of materials including leather, water-resistant nylon, and neoprene to suit the wearer’s particular needs, whether it’s handling lumber, swinging a hammer, or just staying warm. 800.553.4676

Knipex has a new series of pliers and cutters that includes 8-inch angled long-nose pliers, a 7-inch angled diagonal cutter, a pair of 7 ½-inch angled combination pliers, and an 8 ¾-inch cable cutter, all angled at 25 degrees. Together, the series features updated sight lines from previous models and is designed to grab, pull, and cut in confined, hard-to-see spaces. 847.398.8520


MP Global Products’ QuietWalk underlayment is an eco-friendly option: It’s made primarily from post-industrial and pre-consumer textiles diverted from landfills. The underlayment meets or exceeds IIC, FIIC, and STC sound ratings and reduces sound pollution to floors beneath. The underlayment can also disperse subfloor moisture throughout the pad. 888.379.9695

Weather Shield has expanded its series of aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors to include a push-out casement unit as large as 3 ½ feet by 7 feet, as well as singles, multi-wide units, and French configurations. The manufacturer says the window is ideal for architects, builders, and homeowners who want a window with wide views. 877.493.3199