Specialized Shingles

The latest addition to DaVinci’s Bellaforté line looks like rough-hewn cedar but is made from engineered plastic with ultraviolet-stabilizers to resist crackling, curling, fading, and mold. Their 12-inch footprint means fewer shakes per square, shaving up to 25% off the average installation time, the company says. The shakes snap in place and self-align using a leading edge-tap and ledge and weight 190 pounds per square inch. Slanted edges and staggered lengths, available in 49 solid and five blended color options plus the Energy-Star-rated EcoBlend cool-roofing mix, let homeowners emulate wood with a customized twist. DaVinci, www.davinciroofscapes.com; 800.328.4624.

A 5-inch exposure and extra-large tabs give GAF’s Grand Sequoia IR fiberglass asphalt shingles a wood-shake look. The Class-A fire-rated shingles are protected against fading and cracking from the sun while a proprietary adhesive seals around their edges to reduce the risk of blow-off in winds up to 130 miles per hour. The shingles are available in a range of color options that varies by market. GAF, www.gaf.com; 877.423.2665.

Designed for steep-slope roofs, the advanced pigment technology in Tapco’s Inspire Slate polymer-blend shingles reflect sunlight off the roof to cut peak cooling demand by up to 15% and earn an Energy Star rating. The shingles are molded to look like slate tiles but weigh in at 240 pounds per square and come in bundles to speed up the installation process. Available in ten color palettes, including a multicolor mix. InSpire Roofing, www.inspireroofing.com; 800.971.4148.

GAF is teaching on-the-go digital gamers about sustainable roofing with SuRGE, its Sustainable Roofing Game Experience mobile app. Choose among three themed games—recycling, cool roofing, or attic renewal—that require correct answers to building-science-related questions in order to move up to the next level. It’s no Angry Birds, but we liked using the company’s Timberline shingle to beam the sun’s laser-rays off of our digital roofs. Download the free app in the iTunes App Store. (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gaf-surge/id587799183?mt=8)

For homeowners who want a slate roof without the hefty price tag, Boral’s Monterey Slate clay roofing tiles offer an alternative that’s also lightweight without shirking aesthetics. The clay tiles weigh 40% less than their slate alternatives, the company says, and are available in three natural-toned kiln-fired color palettes as well as custom blends. Boral, www.boralna.com; 303.292.1771.

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