Relationship Builders

RJ Cooper of Ilex Construction, Ronnie of ProBuild

RJ Cooper of Ilex Construction, Ronnie White of ProBuild

�I'm a big relationship guy, and this is a relationship business.� -- Andy Byrnes / The Construction Zone

�Help us solve problems. If we have a partner that can help us do that, that's a big deal.� -- Jim Murphy / JMA

�We need knowledge, quality, and execution, and that is bridged on the relationship. It is a marriage.� -- Keith Dinehart

�More than anything, I need consistency.� -- R.J. Cooper / ILEX Construction & Woodworking

�If the trust and relationship works, it's hard to turn away from.� -- Ron Adams / Yellowstone Traditions

�Pricing is not really an issue for us, but you can't be crazy.� -- Shan Jenkins / Jenkins Custom Homes

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