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An FSC-certified alternative to domestic and exotic hardwoods, Alowood is an organically hardened, plantation-grown softwood ideal for a variety of cabinetry and millwork applications. A cornstarch-based additive locked into the wood gives it the physical and aesthetic characteristics of a variety of hardwoods. It offers a consistent appearance and hardness competitive with rainforest hardwoods, the maker says. 360.366.3500.

Bostitch HurriQuake offers up to twice the resistance to high-wind conditions than standard sheathing nails and up to 50% more resistance to earthquake conditions, the maker says. The nail can withstand uplift forces of more than 271 pounds per square foot and gusts up to 170 miles per hour. It has a nearly 25% larger head for more holding power and a shank designed to resist withdrawal failure. 401.885.3122.

The Ridgid SeeSnake micro inspection camera can help with a variety of trades as it peeks into hard-to-reach places, such as inside walls, ceilings, floors, and ducts. The product features a high-resolution camera on top of a flexible, 3-foot cable that is reinforced with a waterproof, vinyl jacket and is manually controlled. Images relay to a 2.4-inch color LCD screen that has a pistol-grip handle. Two adjustable LEDs provide light. Attachments that twist and lock into place on the camera head are available, such as a mirror to look around corners. Four AA alkaline batteries will power the camera for up to three continuous hours. 888.743.4333.

Boise: Evergreen particleboard is made from 100% recycled or reclaimed fibers and contains no added urea-formaldehyde. It can support five LEED credits and is moisture resistant, the manufacturer says. The thickness ranges from 3/8 to 1-1/4 inches. 888.264.7372.

Sierra Pine: Free of urea formaldehyde, Encore particleboard is manufactured from 100% recycled wood fiber from sustainable forestry operations and can qualify for five LEED credits. It has low emissions of volatile organic compounds and works on applications such as cabinets, wall paneling, casework, stair treads, and countertops. 800.676.3339.

Durastar Hybrid is a diesel, hybrid electric, medium-duty truck that can save 30% to 40% in fuel on standard in-city pickup and delivery applications, the maker says. In utility applications, savings can increase up to 60% because the engine can be shut off while electricity still operates the vehicle. The truck solely runs on battery power instead of diesel when it operates equipment, so the engine does not have to idle. 800.448.7825.

Custom Wood windows are available with the convenience of integrated, factory-installed Phantom retractable screens, which slide into place or retract out of sight. Screen covers and handles match windows' wood species. Fiberglass mesh screens are coated with PVC for ventilation and durability and resist impact, sagging, and tearing, the maker says. This feature comes in casement, double-hung, and awning styles. 800.877.9482.

The Bi-Metal Utility Bit is durable enough to cut through nail-embedded wood as well as materials such as PVC pipe and composite decking, the manufacturer says. It features two types of steel fused together, three cutting edges, and a 3/8-inch shank designed to fit between studs in common cordless drills. 800.628.8810.

Among the most energy efficient windows, Alpen windows are fitted with R-5 to R-15 rated glass. They feature a low-emissivity coating called Heat Mirror suspended inside insulating glass. Vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum-clad wood windows are available. All windows block 99.5% of UV radiation and resist condensation to subzero outside temperatures, the maker says. 800.882.4466.

Innovative improvements to a basic item turn this carpenter's pencil into a tool. The Superpencil never needs sharpening and lasts seven times longer than its competitors, the maker says. It has a rectangular shape to make sharp or wide lines and to keep from rolling. Made from nontoxic graphite, the pencil's lines are water and smudge resistant, and the pencil itself is extremely flexible, the maker says. 800.827.3398.

Not only does OSI WINTeQ protect against energy loss and moisture penetration–prevalent issues in the green movement–but it has the added convenience of a complete package. It comes with rubberized-asphalt flashing tape; a sealant that adheres to vinyl, aluminum, wood, and common weather-resistant barriers; and a closed-cell foam that is low pressure and low expanding for easily controlled application, the maker says. 800.999.8920.

QuietRock DensArmor Plus 528 combines the moisture, mold, fire, and abuse resistance of Georgia-Pacific's DensArmor Plus wallboard with the noise reduction of QuietRock soundproof drywall. This gives users a lower total cost method to get both capabilities, the maker says. The product reduces noise 75% compared to many other interior wall systems and installs the same as standard drywall. It works best in areas exposed to moisture during construction or occupancy, such as bathrooms and basements. 800.797.8159.

For an easier way to sell solar panels, this manufacturer offers Solar in a Box. The standardized kit includes modular, pre-assembled solar panels that are compatible with every roof type and can be monitored online. Each box comes with seven panels, a frame mounting system, roof jacks and flashing, rebate and utility agreements, installation instructions, and telephone technical support. A battery backup is available with an upgrade. 877.817.3239.

ColorMax Prefinished FiberCement Siding comes ready in 16 popular paint colors and features recycled fly ash for a more environmentally friendly, lighter weight, and lower-density board, the manufacturer says. The siding comes in three profiles and two soffit products and is shipped with a protective plastic coating. 800.233.8990.

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