The Freedonia Group, a market research firm, predicts that nationwide demand for windows and doors will increase 6% each year until 2020. The group further predicts the industry will be worth $25.6 billion by 2020.

ProSales editor Craig Webb, writing for our sister site, Remodeling, writes:

Demand for doors will rise 6.6% through 2020 to be worth $14.95 billion, it forecast. That follows five years in which demand grew 7.5% per year to be worth $10.84 billion by 2015.

The rise in demand for windows will be more modest, Freedonia believes: It predicts a 5.4% annual rise in demand to $9.0 billion. On the other hand, that's speedier growth than the 3.7% annual increase in demand since 2010, a growth rate that put total demand at $6.91 billion in 2015.

Freedonia's report was released in late July and the 300-page report is available for purchase for $4900.

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