In writing for ProSales’ sister site, Builder, Jason Forrest examines the “Retired On Active Duty” (ROAD) warriors. Those warriors, your employees, are the ones who show up, do half-hearted jobs, and then go home happy simply because they’ll be getting a paycheck. Some of their main problems is that they do not care about their jobs, nor do they care about how well they perform their tasks. These attitudes can easily spread throughout the rest of your company, but what can you do to prevent it? Forrest offers one solution:

“Converting ROAD warriors starts with their direct leadership. People don’t quit on companies so much as they quit on managers. Often, having a good rapport with their leader is enough to keep people motivated on their job. When they feel supported, equipped, empowered, and cared for, they respond by working hard because they don’t want to let down the leader who has invested in and believes in them. This level of loyalty is important, but building loyalty to the company takes it even further.”

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