A few days ago, former ProSales editor Greg Brooks examined US LBM and Central Network Retail Group (CNRG), the two fastest-growing companies of the 2016 ProSales 100 list. Both L.T. Gibson, CEO and president of US LBM, and Boyden Moore, president of CNRG, responded to the post "within hours" expressing concerns over Brooks' analysis.

Writes Brooks, "Each argued that revenue per unit and revenue per employee were misleading because of their 2015 acquisitions: Their year-end numbers included all the locations and people they acquired, while top-line sales from those new units only included revenue booked after the deals were closed."

Brooks agrees: His analysis was misleading. "I don’t want to give CNRG’s vendors and employees the impression that the chain is weaker than the rankings suggest," But Brooks adds: "I also don’t want them to look at the rankings and conclude that the chains are stronger than they really are."

He goes on to examine other ProSales 100 companies whose growth showed true accomplishment. In his article, he analyzes Buck Lumber, Christensen Lumber, and Koopman Lumber, which all boosted top-line performance in 2015.

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