An article published on CBC News’ website details the latest goings-on concerning the U.S./Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA). The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. article says Canadians feel that renewing the old deal won’t be possible and negotiating a new deal isn’t pressing. For now, since the SLA lapsed in October, Canada is enjoying free trade and the U.S. still has six months before it will be allowed to pursue any trade action against Canada (even though the U.S. wants to).

"Nobody really knows what will happen next October," when the U.S. is allowed to start trade action again, [former lumber council executive Carl Grenier] said. New tariffs, if they were to come, could take as long as two years to implement.

Meanwhile, he said it's "shocking" to initiate talks when Canada's doing nothing wrong.

"This notion of wanting to prevent something that the U.S. could do is basically a reaction of fear. That's a bad way of behaving when you're dealing with a superpower. And also your neighbor, which is supposed to be also your main ally."

There could be some negotiations later this week when the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, visits Washington, D.C.

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