Surveys with data about the lumber industry or whether builders are building more are incredibly frequent, ProSales looks at lots of these stories. But Greg Brooks over at LBM Exeuctive knows that even with interpretation, data can mean more than one thing. There's not always a "right" way to interpret the data, he argues. To prove his point, he takes a look at this article from our own Craig Webb:

The thing that might catch your eye is the breakdown of responses by age group. Contractors under 35 years old were significantly more receptive to dealers’ recommendations than their older peers: 34.7% said they’d be likely to switch, versus 24.6% of 35- to 54-year olds and 21.0% of contractors 55 or older.

You can parse that all kinds of ways. If you’re a cynic, you may take it as evidence that young contractors are more gullible. Or maybe it just proves that old farts are set in their ways (as if that was the only evidence).

Brooks takes a look at more than just those numbers, so head on over to LBM Executive and read the full article for more of his insights on how data can be interpreted.

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