Think about who is making decisions at your business right now. Who is that person going to be once the current decision maker retires? Probably someone younger, possibly from a completely different generation. Elton Manfield thinks that this generational shift is going to begin impacting how companies view technology and services, and it could impact LBM for years to come.

As Baby Boomers retire in large groups, upper management is going to be shifting younger and younger, and these younger decision makers are going to impact not just their company, but the industry as a whole:

Hell, they might throw out the menu entirely and ask for online delivery. B2B buying will change (e-commerce is going to be big, guys, I promise); human resources and hiring practices will change (meaning there will be new ways of thinking at all levels); and B2B marketing could very well become a lot less buttoned up and safe (think of how many trade show booths now offer beer compared to a decade ago).

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