Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday that rekindling a "bilateral relationship" with the U.S. is of chief importance to the Canadian government, according to an article from One of the focuses will be restoring a softwood lumber agreement with the U.S.

To help achieve a new deal, Trudeau's cabinet now includes a full-fledged U.S./Canada relations committee, before it was just a subcommittee. While Canadian officials want a new deal, not all are confident one will happen soon:

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark told a news conference Aug. 19 she’s not hopeful for an agreement soon. “There’s always a glimmer of hope but as days pass that glimmer dims,” Clark said. “British Columbia will not accept a bad deal for Brit Columbia workers.”

U.S. and Canadian officials have until October to create a new softwood lumber agreement.

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