Tanzanian start-up EcoAct, which recycles plastic into plastic timber, took top honors at the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) boot camp that took place from April 12 to 15 in Johannesburg, South Africa. EcoAct's goal in creating plastic timber is to manufacture an affordable alternative to real lumber. In addition, the company works to provide jobs for people in the community and to combat climate change with its eco-friendly products. GIST's boot camp was an event to help African start-ups and entrepreneurs learn how to make their businesses succeed.

EcoAct’s Christian Mwijage said of winning the event: “I would really like to thank the organizers and all who made this possible. We have received invaluable training. I have learnt to be more expressive, how to market myself and I am going back to Tanzania with these skills and more competitive in looking for funds to expand my operations”.

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