Dealers, distributors, and suppliers are the most trusted source of information for kitchen and bath remodelers, according to a new study completed by sister site Remodeling. The 2016 Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Study shows that out of a survey of 233 remodelers, dealers, distributors, and suppliers were used by 94.4% or respondents and were rated with a usefulness score of 4.2 out of 5. Three other sources had usefulness scores of 4.0: manufacturer websites (82% used), subcontractors (51.5% used), and manufacturer reps (44.2% used), but each of those were used significantly less than the dealers.

Familiarity influencing decisions isn't just limited to who the remodelers are trusting, it's also a factor when selecting products for kitchen and bath projects. The most important factor for the surveyed remodelers regardless of size was overall product quality, with a score of 4.6 out of 5. The least important factor was lowest price, with a score of 2.9. Remodelers that made less than $250,000 last year scored lowest price higher than their counterparts with more revenue with a score of 3.1, but price was still the least important factor for choosing a product.