Students and faculty at the David Tibodeaux STEM Academy, Lafayette, La., are working together to build a tiny home. Teachers at Tibodeaux developed the idea after discussing the idea that they would like to travel around in a tiny home once they retire. Thinking that it could be a great project for students to work on, the team elected three project managers and set to work planning the tiny house.

Students and teachers from all departments, whether they're already involved in the project or not, are working to make the tiny home a reality, writes Mycah Hatfield for KATC.

The dietetics department is designing the kitchen. The biomedical group is working on a plan to make the tiny house accessible to people with disabilities. The environmental science department is making sure the home is environmentally friendly and the art department is holding a logo competition.

"Whether you're on the tiny house team or not, if you're creative and want to give it a shot you can submit any of your drawings or ideas," Amayiah Joseph, a student at David Thibodaux, said.

"It's just collaboration at it's finest I guess," [Alex Landry, one of the project managers,] said. "Everyone is getting involved. We're pulling everyone."

The students are in need of building material donations, notably lumber and roofing materials, for the house. They are also seeking construction industry professionals to guide them in building the home.

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